Illustration By Valerie Aiello

We all love an idea whose time has come.

Sometimes, you have an idea you are in love with, and you just can’t let it go. That is totally okay. Actually, it is great to have any dream you believe could be possible if you just took the leap to pursue it.

Faith in your idea starts to get at a low point when you are getting minimal results working on a something for months, years, and decades. If it is an idea you know is great, you have got to pick yourself up and keep moving forward.

One motivational…

Illustration By Valerie Aiello

Sometimes a new idea can take you to places you would never imagine yourself to be. Pivots can seem to pop out of nowhere, and often be totally unrealistic. Then like magic, they just happen to workout as a win-win solution beyond your wildest dreams.

For example, I would consider the Twitter story, a pivot story. Twitter was once called Odeo. When Odeo was trying to build itself into a profitable tech company, iPods were hot, a mp3 voice message was a fun idea, and your status on Facebook seemed like kind of a big deal. At some point, Odeo…

Valerie Aiello

Brand Expert & Podcast Host of the Show “Idea Diary” from Austin, Texas

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